The Spectacle of the False Flag: Parapolitics from JFK to Watergate

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Eric Wilson, Dr.

Eric Wilson is a senior lecturer of Law at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. In 1991 he completed his Doctorate in the history of early modern Europe under the supervision of Robert Scribner, Clare College, Cambridge. In 2005 he received the degree of Doctor of  Juridical Science (S.J.D.) from the University of Melbourne. He is the author of The Savage Republic: De Indis of Hugo Grotius, Republicanism, and Dutch Hegemony in the Early Modern World System (c.1600-1619),  published by Martinus Nijhoff in 2008. He is the editor of a series of works on critical  criminology, the first volume of which was published by Pluto Press in 2009 as Government of the Shadows: Parapolitics and Criminal Sovereignty. The second volume in the series, The Dual State: Parapolitics, Carl Schmitt and the National Security State Complex, was published by Ashgate in late 2012. He is currently preparing the third volume, which is a study of the covert origins and dimensions of the French and American  wars in Viet Nam. His research interests  include Law and Literature, critical jurisprudence, the history and philosophy of international law, and critical criminology.

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Eric Wilson’s work poses crucial challenges to social theory,
unsettling our understanding of the nature of the liberal
democratic state. In The Spectacle of the False Flag, he urges
the reader to examine the, often unconsidered, deep state
practices that confound conventional notions of the state as
monolithic or uniform. This compelling volume traces deep
state conflicts and convergences through central cases in the
development of American political economic power—
JFK/Dallas, LBJ/Gulf of Tonkin, and Nixon/Watergate.

Rigorously documented and unflinchingly analyzed, “The
Spectacle of the False Flag†provides a stunning example
of a new criminological practice—one that takes the state
seriously, making the inner workings of the state rather than
its effects the primary object of study. Drawing upon a
wealth of historical records and developing the theoretical
insights of Guy Debord’s writings on spectacular society,
Wilson offers a glimpse into a necessary criminology to come.

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